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    Our expert team pairs out-of-the-box thinking with a successful Talent Optimization framework to deliver holistic business transformation.

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Talent Optimization Approach

Transformation Management Consulting has partnered with The Predictive Index to bring a powerful new approach to team productivity and revenue optimization.


Measure what matters. Analyze evidence and recommend actions.


Align organizational structure with characteristics of the leadership, teams and culture.


Refine job requirements to attract top talent, focus management and  develop team dynamics. 


Create career paths, develop leaders,  strengthen team culture and drive performance.

Our Services

From defining the requirements to creating the perfect project team, 

we have  you covered. 

Business Process Reengineering 

 Requirements Definition

Project Management

eAdoption Marketing 

Change Leadership

Talent Optimization

Leadership, Experience and Capabilities

About Us

​TMC is guided by its founder, Tammie Calys, and supported by a proven team of subject matter experts representing multiple disciplines and industries. Leveraging expertise gained through leading Fortune 1000 organizations, we help our clients maximize cost reductions and use working capital more effectively through organizational design and technology optimization.

With an impressive range of backgrounds covering technical, financial, operational and marketing disciplines, our consultants  work in partnership with clients to find the best solution for each unique business problem.  But leading a client to a great solution is not enough. By looking beyond solution design to ensure effective  change management and talent optimization, we are able to enhance productivity and accelerate business results for our clients. 

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